About Us

Our Mission

The environment surrounding Japan's real estate market, which is experiencing an unprecedented rate of declining birthrates and aging population, is undergoing a significant period of transformation. As Japan faces a declining population, the demand for accommodation facilities driven by the increasing number of foreign tourists, as well as the expanding rental demand resulting from the growing population of foreign workers and students, continues to rise. Additionally, there is a growing demand for real estate investments from affluent individuals in Europe, the United States, and rapidly developing neighboring Asian countries.

The needs of foreign customers have become increasingly diverse and complex over the years, requiring a wide range of versatile and high-quality services and responses. In order to meet the demands of overseas wealthy individuals and foreign residents who express their desire to "purchase a home" or "invest in real estate in Japan," we provide dedicated agent services. Furthermore, we are committed to continuously thinking about what we can do and should do to make more foreigners fall in love with Japan. As a cornerstone of our business, we aim to expand our services and consulting, centered around real estate brokerage.

Corporate Profile

Company Name RETA Inc.
Service Brand Name Axross Asset Advisors
Business Overview
  • Real estate sales brokerage service for foreigners
  • Real estate consultant
  • Renovation construction meditation
  • Non-life insurance agent
  • Real estate management
  • General work related to the above jobs
Location Humax Ebisu Building 8F, 1-1-1, Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo