Real Estate Brokerage Services for Foreigners


Our brokerage service includes selling income investment/business property to foreign investors living overseas and offering residential property to expatriates. We provide property information and knowhow regarding real estate purchase to those who would like to invest properties or buy a house in Japan. The information is available in English, Chinese and Thai. Our clients love our service.


We provide renovation service for property owners both in Japan and abroad.
If your property is for income investment or business, we'll bring out its full potential, considering the regional characteristics. Our renovation will increase the property value by meeting the market needs and makes it one-of-a-kind. If you have purchased a residential property or a holiday house, we can give ideas on better living space that suit your life style and needs. Our wide range of service includes designing architecture, construction, and interior coordination.

Property Management

We manage properties both from the owner’s and the residents' point of view. Their needs may become complicated depending on the location and size of the property. We analyze the property from various angles and suggest a better management system.
Our knowhow creates appealing promotion/renovation proposals and excellent customer attraction marketing, which invites more residents to the property. We offer total support with precise daily management and strategic property management from a long-term perspective to owners who desire a steady income.